Friday, 11 April 2014

Goodbye Legacy and Hello Innovation

What’s New

We are having a cracker of an open season here in ASEAN. Nimble is growing thick, fast and furious. We have exponentially increased our customer base and looking forward to keep pace with the momentum. 

Few Highlights to share

  1. Significant Accumulation of Enterprise accounts
  2. Running multiple mission critical application environment like SAP, SQL, Exchange, Oracle RAC
  3. Growing on all ASEAN Territories
  4. Large Partners switching from traditional players to us
  5. Nimble Certified partners strength increased considerably
  6. First customer open case study soon
  7. Another superstar Pre-Sales joining my team
  8. Brilliant Affinity with Technology Alliances
  9. Every customer is a Thrilled Reference
  10. Competitive Intelligence (on the other side of the fence) is working very very hard on Nimble. (Keep going guys!)

Legacy Arrays

Competitive Intelligence is a “Good to have” but it is not going to win deals. FUDs thrown at Nimble are just not classic enough.

The challenge here for the competitive boys are to see “How do I pitch and spin the Legacy Technology?”

It gets harder as Nimble arrays maintain High Throughput and low latency of below 1ms for applications. Our demo’s showcase live Application Integration, Replication, Data Protection and Recovery. It has hundreds of references locally to prove it.

End of the day we run POCs to prove we walk the talk.

Customer loves the idea of Nimble - NOTHING TO TUNE

Customer loves Extreme Simplicity of Nimble

Customer loves Nimble for solving their Business challenges 



Innovation munching on Legacy arrays


Ok! Let’s talk some thing that is awesome. Nimble Storage architecture is built on “Scale-to-fit” design. It can scale-up, scale-deep and scale-out.

Nimble released its 4 node storage cluster. This can scale pretty big in-terms of Capacity and Performance.


All you need is an seamless Non-Disruptive Upgrade to Nimble OS 2.0.7

Two major functionality of scale-out

1. Manage Multi-node arrays in a true single pane of glass (no stitch, no link and launches)

2. Scale Capacity and Performance


Scale-Out with single login



Single Pane of Glass


With Scale-Out,

You can now Manage the scale-out cluster from a single console

  • Add and remove storage arrays
  • Get status and view performance and capacity reports
  • Create and manage storage pools and volumes

You can now Manage host connectivity to the scale-out cluster

  • Automatic MPIO configuration and path management
  • Discover/add data IP through a single connection



Nimble Scale-out now allows spanning of volumes/LUNs as required


If you are a customer or partner and want to know more on Nimble Scale-Out please drop me a note and I would be happy to explain.

Nimble Storage – Impressive! Nothing Short.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Googly of Disruptive Tech

Googly is a Cricket terminology where the ball is expected to turn left to right and it exactly does the opposite. It is generally delivered well by very skilled bowlers.


Many soccer fans would remember the “Hand of God” goal by Maradonna. The best was yet to come. After 54 Minutes of play, Maradonna dribbled past 5 opponent players to score the “Goal of the century”.



Unplayable delivery from young Aussie cricket bowler Warne that earned him the “Ball of the Century”. It was a Ripper that Pitched,Turned and Left the batsman shocked.


The Ball of the Century. Completely Unplayable Top spin by Warne

Both Maradonna and Warne ended their careers as legends of their sport.

If you go in-depth of analysis, these two gentleman were truly disruptive in nature. They could turn a game on its head and make their presence count.

Technology that disrupts

Nimble is a Truly Disruptive Storage Technology that is making it presence felt in a very crowded industry. We had an amazing 2013 and It is just going to be even better 2014. Customer footprints have considerably increased around ASEAN and the enterprise pull has increased significantly. Our joint SmartStack bundled solutions with Cisco, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft has made significant inroads against the competitive offering. Every single market in ASEAN has multiple Nimble Storage customers running critical workloads like Databases, SAP, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint on VMware/Citrix/Hyper-V.

Disruptive CASL architecture of Nimble

Why are we winning? - The Wrong’ Un of the storage industry

  • Lack of High Speed Spinning Drives
    • Nimble does not have a single High speed disk (15K RPM or 10K RPM). Serious!
  • Unfortunately only Limited Flash
    • Nimble has limited Flash drives and that too with NO RAID on them. Ahhh! So no serious write amplification issues.
  • Inability to occupy lots of space
    • Nimble offers very High IOPS on a 3U form factor. Oh! Space and Power saviour
  • Lack of Fixed Block Size File system
    • Nimble is a variable block file system. It optimizes to different applications.
  • Unfortunately Nimble compresses all data in real time
    • Nimble offers real time compression. Weekends free of post-process dedupe
  • Only offering 99.999% availability
    • Still not 100%. Ha ha ha. Five Nines are proven
  • Lack of a Storage Complex Functions
    • RAID/Disk Management/Tiering/Support are all automated. Storage management no rocket science
  • Unable to show double digit latency
    • Nimble offers sub Millisecond latency for most workloads. Am I setting the wrong expectations that all storage will behave like this?

Setting the Pace with Nimble

I run numerous POCs every week and gather great results with Nimble.

  • Random IO workloads performs over multiple thousands of IOPS (Big Number) at sub-millisecond latency.
  • Customer tested Nimble with 878 Snapshots on Oracle and Nimble performance had no Impact.
  • Replication setup is extremely simple and needs very low bandwidth between two sites
  • Variable Block file system makes a huge difference in performance between Nimble and Other storage arrays
  • Nimble Infosight works remarkably well

Latest News from ASEAN

  • Nimble Storage Road shows coming up in all major ASEAN locations
  • Hiring of a Super SE almost coming to an end (Hopefully)
  • Wonderful trip to India and it is an exciting market for Nimble. Great customer and partner traction.
  • Excellent Recent Enterprise and Mid Market Wins
  • Nimble Storage Certification course for ASEAN customers and partners completed for this Quarter

Large and Traditional Storage Players expect Nimble to be just another player. Be prepared to see a Maradonna and Warne effect in Nimble. It is a Class apart.

Nimble Storage Rocks!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Channel Partners–The only pathway for success

I take this opportunity to thank every Nimble Storage partner in the region for making us very successful. There are over hundred Nimble certified partner engineers in the ASEAN region and this is a significant milestone of belief and trust with Nimble. Nimble Storage products are innovative and highly disruptive. Also Nimble’s approach to partnership and easy of doing business is the best in the industry today.  Happy to share my interactions with some of the best partners in the industry.

Large vendors assume that “money” is the only motivating factor for partners to work and they try to steer the partnership. It is hard to believe that even after 20-30 years large vendors are still trying to find how the partner equation works. Some vendors share deals to flow through, some invest in partner companies as silent share holders with terms, some invest and share on headcounts. Tricks unlimited.


Large Vendors falsely assume partners do anything for money


Broken Trust

My partners shared with me some stories where large vendors breached the code of trust.

  • I worked with a vendor “ABC” on a big deal and just closed it. The vendor “ABC” took all the services dollars and called it “Consulting”. Worse they said - we don’t have the skills to fulfil.
  • I introduced vendor “XYZ” on a decent size deal. They took it away from us. Possibly went direct or through another channel which was strategic to them.
  • This is the largest deal we thought we would win with the vendor. We got backstabbed.
  • Services revenue are key to our existence. No idea why vendors are so greedy that they even take basic installation services.
  • Rules of vendor engagement changes whenever the leadership changes.Not sure of how to trust these guys.They just dumped us.


Once Broken, it takes a long time to heal wounds

One of the partner gentleman nicely sums it up on a Large Storage vendor who pushed them out. “We made them what they are today. They showed us the door. We know how to give it back

Your customer connection

Partners are unlimited source of customer connections. They are the customer’s best friends even when there is no deals on the table. They share the customer’s passion and pain. Partners always go the extra mile to do things just to earn customer’s trust. It is not in writing but you can sense it clearly.

Things that we need to understand on partners.

  1. They are a bunch of very talented people
  2. They understand customer’s business
  3. Storage is just one part of the solution
  4. They love services. Repeat! They love services.
  5. They are looking for long term partnership with mutual respect
  6. They hate Partner Tiering as Gold, Silver and Bronze


Partner’s passion is customer success

Nimble’s Partnership goes Beyond

We are lucky to have the industry’s best partner management team at Nimble. I have to say that we take every partner as premium and treat them incredibly well. The very openness of Nimble make us earn the trust. There are only shared secrets between Nimble and partners. Everything key stuff that I have access to at Nimble as an employee, Nimble partners gets it.

Nimble embraces partnerships through some great partner programs. We all win some and lose some. But trusted relationships goes a long way

  1. Openness to share key technical information, roadmaps and tools.
  2. No classification of partners
  3. Ease of doing business (Getting Quotes, Adjusting price and negotiations)
  4. Ultimate sense of deal security
  5. Taking responsibility with Partners on Solutions
  6. Full access to labs, facilities and support resources
  7. Celebrating every win and consolidating on loss equally
  8. Keeping everything Simple as possible
  9. Non interference with Services and Support of Partners
  10. Treating Partners as Champions and being 100% Channel

For every Nimble partner out there, Thank you for your support again and looking forward another great year. Other partners who are still thinking on Nimble, Your most committed and trustable vendor is here.


Not many companies have smart phone app built for partners only


Build Amazing partnership with Nimble Storage. No more hassles. Join us.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wanted–The Super SE


Are you Tired of not able to unleash your true self?

Time to get out and show the world what you can do.

You may have got it by now. Nimble Storage is looking for a Super SE based in Singapore for ASEAN region.


Join the fastest growing company that offers Exceptional Salary, Commission schemes and RSUs. But there are other unbelievable perks in the company that I shared below.

  • Zero Politics
  • Every person is a star
  • Wake up in the morning to “Live your Passion”
  • Take Aim and Shoot down the Dinosaurs
  • Have Fun
  • The leaders know you (For Most companies, it is the inverse)
  • Create a Brand

Skillsets Needed

  • Storage Technical Sales Leadership
  • Ability to Walk the Talk, Demonstrate and Run the Project (Serious Hands On! No Powerpoint Circus)
  • Ability to Work Alone, Work with the Team and Work for the Team
  • Partnering with Partners
  • Honest Attitude
  • Customer success is your success

Love What I shared. Drop me a note at

This role is only for Technical Leaders based in Singapore. If you are in a different location but still want to board this Rocket, look for “careers” section in website.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Celebrate the New Year with Apps

Happy New Year 2014 to all my readers and Thank you all my 12,000 readers who have read, shared and commented on my blog over the last year and encouraged me to keep it going. 

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014 with Singapore skyline


I wanted to share couple of the Smartphone and Tablet Apps that I use and thought you might find it useful. Also feel free to share some of the cool and useful Apps that you are aware of.


Are you tired of seeing this mess?

I had 100’s of business card and was literally unable to manage any more. Data entry on spreadsheets was not scalable and working for a fast growing company like Nimble made it even more harder to Manage business cards. On average, everyday I had 5-10 cards added.

So getting out to this mess was critical. The App to the rescue was CAMCARD

Camcard was brilliant. Helped me in digital card management. All I had to do was take a picture on my smart device through Camcard. The App then processes the card in multiple formats in picture mode, text mode that could be exported, downloaded from any browser. Multiple versions of Camcard supports both English and other language fonts.


Camcard – Digital Business card management


Camcard – Syncs Business card data across all devices and share via Email, SMS or even QR Code


Camcard is not expensive for what it does and we in Nimble Storage ASEAN use this app heavily for sharing business cards. I would recommend it as a good App to have in the kitty.

Another App that I find very useful is Time Zones. It helps managing Time for meetings across the globe. There are many meetings that you need to attend or lecture and love to have a easy quick view of Time zones around the globe. The App I use is a very simple one called “Timezones”. So simple that it hardly has any tabs to manage or use. Just a quick glance would give you the Timezones around the world corresponding to the current location. Also it is free and no harm having it in the kitty.


Timezones – Making sense of Time around the globe in one glance


And finally the Nimble Storage App. Extremely useful and handy to know more about Nimble Storage products, spec sheets and Community.


Nimble Storage App – Great Partner Enablement Tool

As a partner, this App allows you to

  • Connect with your local sales team
  • Register your deals
  • Access sales tools from anywhere
  • Get technical support immediately
  • Find Nimble Storage trainings and events
  • Receive the latest Nimble news
  • Post your customer experiences on the fan wall


Best Wishes for the New Year and I hope to continue writing my blog. Thank you for all the awesome support you had provided.

Nimble Storage ASEAN has grown rapidly and looking forward for more awesome people to join the team and grow with us this year. Stay tuned to Nimble Storage careers website.